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Pause August 2021 | Au de Hex

“Here we go again”

We are still pinching ourselves thinking that we had a FOURTH Pause Floral Workshop. This time around we wanted a real intimate group so that we could really invest more time into each attendee.

6 Beautiful flower souls from all around the country invested in this journey and trusted us with their creative hearts.

It is important for us to make our students feel special. Our little labour of love after each day of class is to set the table. We just love to see their faces when they walk in each day and see all of the special details put together just for them.

Day 1 was all about theory and tablescapes. When learning a new skill (or even just sharping up old ones) it is best to start at the beginning. So we start with the basics and build our students up to a point where they have the skills to do anything they put their mind to. Our students also had a little foraging 101 session with our dear friend, Design by Marcel.

Meet Design by Marcel

We introduce to another amazeballs friend of ours, Design by Marcel. Marcel is also from Tulbagh (like Anli) and he is literally the king of foraging. We are so lucky to have him educate our students on responsible foraging and also for sharing some of his favourite (and oh so funny) foraging adventures. 


Find Out More About Design by Marcel

Day 2 was all about learning the relationship between a planner and a florist with Luke Krone, phone photography with Jenni Elizabeth, bouquets, floral accessories and yes, a tad more theory.

Meet Luke Krone

We introduced you to another amazing friend of ours, Luke Krone. Luke has been in the events industry for many years and really built himself a reputation as a planner that takes note of every detail. His weddings is always elegant, always executed with immense passion and he always treats both his client and his service providers with a great amount of respect. We just love everything about him and he treated our students to a glimpse inside the inner workings of a planner-florist-relationship. 


Find Out More About Luke Krone Events

Meet Jenni Elizabeth

We introduced you to another amazing friend of ours, Jenni Elizabeth. Jenni is known for her beautiful and timeless approach to wedding photography, content creation for well known brands and phone photography! Jenni gives our students a crash course in phone photography and we LOVE all the “a-ha” moments our students have during her presentation. 


Find Out More About Jenni Elizabeth

Day 3 is all about the installations. We cover certain mechanics that you would mostly use when doing large installations. Here we only focussed on arch, growing installations and hanging installations. During this session, we love to take a step back and observe our students. It is really amazing to see how they’ve grown in only 3 days, hearing them laugh and chatting up a storm with their new-found-flower-friends. Have a look at our Pause August 2021 editorial here.

We wish we could share ALL of the beautiful photographs but that is just not possible! A big thank you again to all of our students who trusted us with their hearts and their hard earned cabbage. We feel blessed to know you and we look forward to see where your creativity leads you.

A Few Special Shout Outs

A BIG thank you again to our amazeballs suppliers. You can read more about them here .

Image credits | Florists: Anli Wahl Floral Design + KADOU Floral Artistry | Photographer: Chantall Marshall| Venue: Au de Hex | Dress: Alana van Heerden Bridal | Model: Mari Fouche | Hair & makeup: Clarita Smit | Tabletop elements, chairs, lighting, furniture rigging + serviettes: Baie Goeters | Draping : N Concepts and Design | Candles: Ohrr Candle Collective 

A BIG thank you again to our amazeballs gift bag sponsors. You can read more about them here .

Handmade bath salts: The Kings Daughter | Cleanser, face serum, hand + body lotion + body oil mist: Melk Naturals | Cleanser + Moisturiser: Botani Lab | Handmade candle: Okra Candle | Dahlia tubers: Adenes Farm Flowers | Hand painted macaron: Carmen Eksteen Patisseries