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Why Pause?

We have been experiencing a ‘more is more’ movement in the floral industry over the past few years.

Although we can appreciate the massive scale and complexity of most of the designs, we have been feeling an intense yearning for scaling back, exploring simplicity in floral design and appreciating the pause and intention behind each and every flower we place. 

Enjoying the unique curve of a wild flower, the curl of a dried leaf, or a mass of just one type of flower, as it would appear in nature. A quiet celebration of space that calms you down and inspires your soul! 

I think it is so important to realise that simplicity does not automatically mean an all white palette or that you are only allowed to get excited when your colour scheme resembles something from 50 shades of beige. Amanda actually does get excited by those monochrome colours. She has never been a massive lover of strong bold colours, not until she met Anli! Anli really challenged her with the addition of colour to the first Pause workshop. 

The ultimate goal of any design piece is to make an impression or convey a message. We feel that simplicity ensures that an arrangement or floral installation has maximum clarity. Having said that, simplicity definitely doesn’t mean one dimensional or boring, neither is it the same as minimalism. We know, it can be a bit confusing, but an easy way to explain it would be that minimalism is the reduction of quantity (using less flowers and decor elements for example), and simplicity is the reduction of complexity (using less types of flowers, or more of the same).

We want to help an aspiring florist who craves this notion of simple design to stay true to their nature but also show them how they can do that while respecting their client’s brief. Thats why we think this workshop is going to be such an awesome experience. We are going to challenge the way you look at simplicity and also how different it is from minimalism.

Image credits | Florists: Anli Wahl Floral Design + KADOU Floral Artistry | Photographer: Lindy Kriek | Studio: Lindy Kriek Studio | Hair & Make Up: Corle Barnard | Video: Red Beard Productions